all Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

The Role of Using Images in Outdoor Advertising Designs to Attract Attention


Dr. Sattar Al-Juboori

Faculty of Architecture and Design
Department of Graphic Design
University of the Middle East – Jordan

Outdoor advertising has dominated the visual landscape of cities around the world. Outdoor advertising in city streets and public places are different than the ones located in other places for many reasons. First, it is directed towards particular audience who has no option but to look at it. The research problem lies in the excessive use of images in ways that may have been randomly put without taking into consideration certain factors such as allocation, processing, design construction or some expressive and psychological aspects. Experts have defined some technical problems related to image-choice and the extent of its future impact as a communicative force that affects viewers’ or consumers’ decisions based on outdoor advertising. The goal of the research is to identify the role of images used in outdoor advertising designs and their impact in attracting the viewer’s attention and in the same time to deliver the right message. The researcher uses the descriptive approach in studying the phenomenon of using images in outdoor advertising and to explore the extent of their impact in attracting the viewer’s attention and delivering the same message. The research population constituted of a total of 200 outdoor advertisements from countries around the world that the researcher was able to obtain through the internet, 100 of which were randomly selected for the study. Key results revealed that there is specific audience who is interested in looking at outdoor advertisements. Moreover, image-based advertising, which is considered an advantage for a product, attracts the viewer’s attention more than written advertisements.



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