all Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

Professional and Ethical Challenges of Robot Journalism from the Perspective of Jordanian Journalists

Dr. Mazen Muhammad Al-Fedawi
Faculty of Mass Communication – Department of Journalism and Media
University of the Middle East – Jordan

This study aimed at identifying the extent of Jordanian journalists ’awareness of the concept of robot journalism and its mechanisms of action, and identifying the most important areas covered by robot journalism, in addition to reviewing the pros and cons of the spread of robot journalism, and the most important professional and ethical challenges associated with robot journalism from the viewpoint of Jordanian journalists. To achieve the objectives of the study, the researcher followed the descriptive and analytical method. The study sample consisted of (350) Jordanian journalists, and the questionnaire was distributed to them in two ways, electronically and manually.

The study found a set of results, the most important of which are: that there is a high level of awareness among Jordanian journalists of the concept of robot journalism, and that there are many areas covered by robot journalism. From the point of view of Jordanian journalists, these areas are: Crime reports and their various statistics are in the first place, followed by the conversion of raw data into various news stories, followed by the sports field of sports news and statistics, weather and climate reports, followed by the financial field by generating stories about corporate profits and publishing their data, and that there are many professional challenges that robot journalism faces, the most important of which are: that artificial intelligence technologies in robot journalism cannot distinguish between whether the inputs it received were accurate or inaccurate, and that there are many ethical challenges facing the robot journalism, the most important of which are: the inability to question artificial intelligence technologies legally and ethically.


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