all Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

The Effect of the Production Pattern on the Media Content in the Jordanian TV Channels from the Contact Person Point View (An analytical study)

Dr. Ashraf Al-Manaseer- Shadi Abo-Rashed
Faculty of Mass Communication – Department of Journalism and Media
University of the Middle East – Jordan

The effect of the production pattern on the media content in the Jordanian TV channels from the contact person point view, through analytical study. The study relied on the descriptive approach based on studying the facts about the nature of the phenomenon or a group of individuals, or a group of events or situations related to photographing, analyzing and evaluating the characteristics of the phenomenon to find out the variables that cause the phenomenon to occur. A questionnaire was designed for the study to achieve the desired goals, the study population consisted of 13 private channels in Jordan, and the sample consisted of media contact person, editors, broadcasters and photographers in the two channels (Roya and Kingdom). It was based on gatekeeper theory and prioritization theory. The study found a number of results, the most are: Jordanian satellite TV channels provide media content aimed at improving its image among the different audiences. The content is consistent with the level of the event and contributes to changing the concepts of the target audience towards the different subjects. Demonstrate the vision and strategies of the channel and recognize the importance of developing an information plan for the programs offered by the channels they own. The study made a number of recommendations, the most important of which are: The necessity of satellite TV channels to provide media content commensurate with the trends of public opinion to the masses and to satisfy their needs and social desires. And the satellite television channels providing media content aimed at increasing the bonds of love and trust that would achieve the success of these channels.


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