all Volume 1, Issue 1, 2021

The Influence of the Celebrities of Social Media Platforms on University Students

Dr. Hanan Kamel Ismail – Dr. Mahmoud Al-Ragby
Faculty of Mass Communication – Department of Journalism and Media
University of the Middle East – Jordan


This study aims to identify the impact of famous people on social media platforms on university students. The qualitative methodology and inductive approach were used in the research by conducting in-depth interviews with 21 students from various Jordanian universities, and a focus group of 7 university students was selected, with 12 female influencers and 21 male influencers among them.

The study showed that there are seven main reasons that motivate students to pursue and follow-up those influencers, which are: admiration and love, living in another world with different influences, career path, and the release of students’ stress, gaining information that facilitates life, saying what others do not say; while the reasons that make them influenced by the influences of social media platforms are: imitation, loss of self-confidence, easing psychological pressure, searching for something beautiful and having a better life, entertainment.

The respondents enumerated eight ways to reach the influencer.


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