all Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021

Job satisfaction among female media professionals in Palestine and the obstacles they face in practicing their work

Mohammad Ahmad Injas
Prof. Izzat Mohammad Hijab – Middle East University

The study aimed to identify the climates in which Palestinian female media work, identify the obstacles that female media face, and identify their degree of job satisfaction. The study used the descriptive survey method, and the study adopted a questionnaire as a tool for collecting data related to the topic of the research, which was distributed to a random sample of (180) female media professionals out of (206) female media workers, according to the Palestine Journalists Syndicate record for the year 2020.

The results of the study showed that the media profession affects the familial and family stability of female journalists, and the community sees that the media profession affects the family relations or family stability of the journalist, and that media institutions do not consider the media needs of women by imposing working hours and tasks that do not fit the social conditions of Palestinian women, and that the culture of society. The traditional view of women’s work is considered one of the most important obstacles to women’s work in the media field.

 As for the administrative obstacles facing female media professionals in their work, it is the lack of clarity in the basis of performance appraisal in the media organization. This, in turn, may affect the fair evaluation and discrimination between employees, especially between males and females, as this is considered one of the weaknesses of the media institution.

The results indicate that the most important professional obstacles facing female media workers is that the workflow in the media organization is based on the affiliations and orientations of the owner of the media organization, which affects the credibility of the journalistic work. And that there is no justice regarding the promotion system for female media professionals within the media institutions in which they work. And that female media professionals face many forms of discrimination on gender grounds, and that they do not receive appreciation for performance and achievement when performing a distinguished performance, whether this appreciation is material or moral.

The results indicate also that female journalists face unfairness in evaluating performance, excellence and promotion compared to their fellow media workers, as a result of discrimination on gender grounds between male and female media professionals, or because of the lack of clarity on the basis for obtaining a promotion.

The results indicate that Palestinian female media professionals are satisfied with the incentives and salaries given to them, while the study showed that Palestinian female journalists are not satisfied with bonus system, and this is due to discrimination and unfairness of female media professionals in terms of bonuses, and thus women cannot rely on bonuses as part of their income.

The results indicate that female media professionals are satisfied with the workplace within their institutions, and that the institution provides the tools and equipment that female journalists need to enable them to do their work.

As well as the satisfaction rate of Palestinian female media professionals with the tasks assigned to them that are included in their job, within their institutions was high through the proficiency in their work and their belief in the challenge posed by this work. The results also showed that the lack of an incentive system in the institution frustrates the employee and makes him carry out the tasks entrusted to him; because it is just a job that he just needs to do without creativity and inefficiency.

The study recommends the need to provide appropriate conditions for female media professionals to practice their work without obstacles, and to enhance their administrative role among their colleagues by involving them in training courses to increase efficiency and granting them the right to promotion if their performance is worth it.


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