all Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021

Political Participation in Jordan in light of the Royal Discussion Papers

Dr. Sahar Mohammad Al Tarawneh – Middle East University
Dr. Rema Abu Hmidan

Effective political participation plays a key role in promoting good democratic governance and the rule of law in order to achieve transparency and the principle of accountability, which contribute mainly to the process of political, economic and social development. This study aims to define political participation and its application forms, and to identify democratic practices and the elements of political participation in Jordan in light of the political reform process and the royal discussion papers. The study also tackles the role of the means of communication and media as a major factor in this process and discusses the opportunities of achieving democratic empowerment in Jordan. The study found that democratic empowerment is only achieved through social, economic, cultural and political relations harmony in society by realizing the rule of law and institutions. Political, economic and social reform that aims at enhancing popular participation in decision-making is carried out through constitutional amendments and legislations that ultimately lead to parliamentary government, as indicated in the royal discussion papers. The study followed the descriptive-analytical approach, and the systemic analysis approach.


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