all Volume 1, Issue 2, 2021

The Role of Jordanian Mass Media in Facing the Rumors from Communication Practitioner’s Perspective: Survey Study

Rami Basem Yousef Haddad
Dr. Kamel Khurshid Murad- Middle East University


The study aimed to define role of the Jordanian media in facing rumors as seen by communicators, to identify the most common rumors and the motives behind them. The study adopted the survey method with a questionnaire as a tool for collecting data. The study population consisted of 397 communicators working in official Jordanian media news: Jordan TV Corporation, the Jordanian News Agency “Petra”, and Al-Rai newspaper. The study depended on simple random sample that consisted of (157) individuals, including (46) from Jordanian TV, (32) from Petra, and (79) from Al-Rai. The study concluded that the most common rumors in the Kingdom were social ones (87.9%), followed by media rumors (79.6%), then economic ones (75.8) %). Also, results suggested that role of the Jordanian media in facing rumors was generally at an average level. The study recommended that media platforms should hold training courses for communicators in various media platforms, to deal with, objectively respond to rumors, and explain their reasons.


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