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The Role of Jordanian Mass Media in Facing the Rumors from Communication Practitioner’s Perspective: Survey Study

The study aimed to define role of the Jordanian media in facing rumors as seen by communicators, to identify the most common rumors and the motives behind them. The study adopted the survey method with a questionnaire as a tool for collecting data. The study population consisted of 397 communicators working in official Jordanian media news: Jordan TV Corporation, the Jordanian News Agency "Petra", and Al-Rai newspaper. The study depended on simple random sample that…

Rami Basem Yousef Haddad
Dr. Kamel Khurshid Murad- Middle East University

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Political Participation in Jordan in light of the Royal Discussion Papers

Effective political participation plays a key role in promoting good democratic governance and the rule of law in order to achieve transparency and the principle of accountability, which contribute mainly to the process of political, economic and social development. This study aims to define political participation and its application forms, and to identify democratic practices and the elements of political participation in Jordan in light of the political reform process and the royal discussion papers.…

Dr. Sahar Mohammad Al Tarawneh – Middle East University
Dr. Rema Abu Hmidan
Pages: 43

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Job satisfaction among female media professionals in Palestine and the obstacles they face in practicing their work

The study aimed to identify the climates in which Palestinian female media work, identify the obstacles that female media face, and identify their degree of job satisfaction. The study used the descriptive survey method, and the study adopted a questionnaire as a tool for collecting data related to the topic of the research, which was distributed to a random sample of (180) female media professionals out of (206) female media workers, according to the Palestine…

Mohammad Ahmad Injas
Prof. Izzat Mohammad Hijab – Middle East University

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Contextualization of the Palestinian Cause by Jordanian Press: Analytical Study of News Articles 

This study aims to identify the presentation of the Palestinian cause in Jordanian opinion articles published on online news sites representing daily newspapers. In addition to monitoring the topics and issues that have been highlighted, and comparing the similarities and differences between the sample newspapers in discussing this cause. The study uses the media survey methodology and the comparative approach in order to obtain required data and information, and compare the analysis results of the…

Dr. Hani Ahmad Fayez Al-Badri – Middle East University
pages : 41

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The WHO’s Interest in its Communication Messages on (Covid-19) Pandemic via Facebook and Twitter Platforms

The study aims to identify the degree of interest of the World Health Organization (WHO) through social networks in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic on Facebook and Twitter platforms. The theory of media frameworks was implemented, and the content analysis was used as a tool for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the communicative messages of the organization. A deliberate sample was selected, which included all the messages of the World Health Organization during the period…

Dr. Rana Mezher Khalid
Dr. Layla Ahmad Jarrar – Middle East University

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